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Microsoft Decides To Drop Support for Office XP, Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Microsoft has decided to drop support for Office XP and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 from next week.

The company has decided to end support for the two platforms on next week’s Patch Tuesday on July 12. After that, Microsoft will no longer be offering critical software update and other support for Office XP and Vista SP1 in the future.

According to Computer World, even though Office XP won’t be supported, Vista SP1 users can continue receiving support from Microsoft by upgrading to Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

The software giant has a ten year support period for each of its software products. The first five are called ‘mainstream support’ which are offered only for consumer products while the last five are called ‘extended support’ for enterprise users who have paid extra for the service.

Going by Microsoft’s own policies, the support for Vista SP2 will end in April 2012 while Office 2003 will receive support till April 2014.

Microsoft is yet to announce the details of the Patch Tuesday release on July 12 but the company did patch Office XP and Vista SP1 in the Patch Tuesday released three weeks ago. It contained patches for 34 security vulnerabilities.