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Microsoft Demands Royalty Fee from Samsung Citing Android Patents

After signing a patent licensing deal with Wistron, software giant Microsoft is going after Samsung for similar deal.

Microsoft has been using its wide patent portfolio to force Android device makers to sign patent licensing deals with it. The company has signed patent licensing deals with several Android device makers including HTC.

According to a report on Reuters, the company has asked Samsung to pay a royalty fee of $15 on every Android device it sells as it claims that it holds certain patents that are used in Android devices.

Samsung on the other, looking to expand its partnership with Microsoft on its Windows Phone 7 platform, is negotiating with Microsoft to bring down the royalty fee to $10 per device.

Samsung is the world’s second largest mobile phone maker and the largest Smartphone OEM in the US. The company’s range of Android devices specifically the Galaxy series have been successful in drawing crowds.

Microsoft, after figuring out it can’t beat Android head-on, has decided to make some money on the popularity Google’s platform is enjoying, by digging up patents from its vast portfolio, to feed on its success. Companies, who decide not to cooperate with Microsoft, are facing lawsuits in the courts for patent infringement.

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