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Minister Wants US Backing To Block Websites And Curb Piracy

Seems like the world's governments are increasingly becoming more and more concerned about the challenges brought in by digital piracy. According to a senior minister in the UK Government, websites hosting or promoting pirated materials could be blocked in the country provided the US also introduces a similar mechanism.

Ed Vaizey, the UK’s cultural minister stated during a conference in London that ISPs (internet service providers) all across the United States were “rumoured” to be pondering over the idea of introducing voluntary filtering in order to take the war against piracy to a new level.

He also said that any such agreement, if actually put in place, could well act as a “game changer”.

However, there has been no official confirmation yet from the US government, as well as the ISPs regarding the claims made by Mr Vaizey.

When it comes to internet providers in the UK, they have always offered a steady resistance to the pressure exerted on them every now and then to block piracy-promoting websites. The minister seems rather peturbed by some of the ISPs, saying he considers "their attitude odd."

"If people are streaming live football without permission we should look at ways we can stop them. People have the right to earn money from content they create," Mr. Vaizey said, the BBC reports.