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New International Cybercrime Alliance Has UK Government Backing

The UK government has announced a new alliance to counter the ever increasing threat to national security from cybercrime.

The new alliance, dubbed the International Cybercrime Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA), will consist of international police forces like Europol, Governments, as well as businesses. It will be led by the former Home Secretary Mr David Blunkett.

The new alliance will be primarily aimed at bringing down the exponentially rising cybercrime affecting the country’s cyber infrastructure. According to a recent study, the country is likely to lose about £27 billion due to online crime in this year alone.

“The very nature of this threat calls for more than a national response; it demands a truly global response and that is what ICSPA is all about. It is forming a network powerful enough and wide enough, to face down cybercrime,” Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement welcoming the initiative taken by the ICSPA, The Telegraph reports.

The ICSPA will be a non-profit organisation, and it will be supported by some big brands such as Visa Europe, McAfee and many more. It is also likely to play a major role in sharing the pressure faced by different governments in tackling cybercrime.