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New Survey Reveals Broadband Slower, Expensive in Rural Areas of UK

A new survey has revealed that broadband users in Britain’s rural areas are paying twice the amount for broadband than their city counterparts for slower speeds.

According to the figures released by price comparison website, maximum number of expensive postcodes were located in rural areas, with many of them being the poorest areas in the UK.

The cost of setting up broadband and offering it is lower in cities due to the ease of equipement installation and competition to bring the price down. In rural areas, the same price goes up and speeds are lower.

“Unfortunately, internet service providers only choose to invest in telephone exchanges where they know that they will make a good return. As a result rural and poorer postcodes may not meet the investment criteria,” said Charles Ponsonby of Simplifydigital.

“To add insult to injury, these “off-net” services generally offer lower broadband speeds meaning customers are faced with paying more money for slower average broadband speeds.” he added.

The report is aimed at recording the situation of rural broadband in the UK so that government and the ISPs make more efforts to ease the situation for rural broadband users.

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