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Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed To £157.50

The price difference between the Nintendo 3DS, the DSi XL and the DSi is rapidly shrinking, with the latter being the most likely to vanish before long. As it stands, the portable gaming consoles cost £175, £139 and £130 respectively at Dixons, but use the code "game10" at checkout and you can cut the prices to £157.50, £125.10 and £117 respectively.

The 3DS was launched back in March 2011 and originally carried a recommended retail price of £230, which means that Dixons' new price is a massive 33 per cent saving (note that's only valid for the Aqua Blue model (opens in new tab)).

There's no definite reason as to why Nintendo (or Dixons) may be cutting the price of the 3DS so quickly; the console is the best selling portable console at Amazon, far ahead of the Sony PSP and the DSi or DSi XL.

The 3DS is the first dedicated portable gaming console that comes with glassless 3D capabilities (which can be altered using a 3D slider). It has a 3.53-inch autostereoscopic 420x240 pixel display with a secondary 3.02-inch QVGA screen, both of which are 24-bit models.

As expected, the 3DS can take 3D pictures thanks to two rear-facing VGA sensors plus there's a front facing camera as well. Compared to the DSi, the 3DS has eight times more internal storage and eight times more system memory.

Désiré Athow

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