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Orange UK Providing Free Windows Phone Apps Throughout July

UK mobile phone operator Orange has tied up with Microsoft to give free apps to its customers throughout July.

The company has partnered with Microsoft to give away Windows Phone apps worth £70 to its pay-as-you-go and monthly paying customers. The idea is to offer an app for a free download for every day in July.

The 31 Windows Phone apps will cover a wide genre of apps ranging from travel to sports to games. The apps can be accessed from the Orange Selects channel in Windows Marketplace. Orange customers with a Windows Phone Smartphone will be able to download the free app.

“By offering a selection of the most popular apps for free, we hope to continue to enhance our customers' Smartphone experience by allowing them to try something new,” Neil Holroyd, senior multimedia product manager at Everything Everywhere said in a statement.

The apps will be selected by Orange itself and will be among the best that Windows Marketplace has to offer. A list will be created and customers will be able to download the top app for free, Mobile Choices reports.

Orange was not clear on whether customers will be downloading the free apps for the first few days in July.