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Sony tablets spotted in YouTube teaser video

A new video has tipped up on YouTube claiming to be the second official advert for Sony's incoming pair of tablets.

The advert shows as little imagination as the iPad identikit design of the devices themselves, trawling up that tired old 'things-falling-over-and-banging-into-other-things-making-a-third-thing-go-boing' formula which every media agency on the planet churns out on a daily basis.

While the first dozen or so copycat ads were interesting - not least because they showed that someone had painstakingly set these things up with their own hands - when you get to the 400th rip-off it all starts to wear a bit thin.

Especially when companies like Sony think it's enough to just create the whole thing on a computer rather than actually renting a warehouse and spending a few days planning the modern-day version of the domino fall.

The only other notable thing about the YouTube posting is the fact that people are actually willing to spend precious seconds of their fleeting time on this planet arguing that that a stupid video is a fake because the thingy that prodded the screen is made out of rubber, and it's a capacitive screen, so it wouldn't work, so it can't be real.

It's NOT REAL. It's an animation!

As for the hardware, nothing new to see here... jog on.