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Spotify signs big deal with Virgin Media

While Spotify continues to struggle forward with its troubled US launch, the streaming-music service has signed a major deal with Virgin Media in the UK that will see broadband customers receiving discounted subscriptions to the service.

Announced today, the deal will see Virgin Media broadband customers able to access Spotify's unlimited streaming-music service on their PCs, while TV customers will be able to access the service via the company's TiVo-powered set-top boxes. Virgin Mobile customers aren't excluded, either, with access permitted from compatible smartphones.

The service, which Virgin claims is due to launch in the coming months, won't be free: instead, customers will be offered discounted subscriptions to Spotify Unlimited or Spotify Premium. The company has also hinted at "exclusive features and content, as well as [...] special promotions" for Virgin customers.

"We are delighted to have united the Virgin Media brand with the world’s best music service," crowed Virgin Media's executive director of broadband Jon James. "Spotify will help our customers to fill their world with music, whether it’s at home or on the go, and provide a unique way to get even more out of Virgin Media’s leading digital services."

Spotify's Andreas Liffgarden was equally pleased with the deal, the terms of which have not been disclosed. "By teaming up with Virgin Media we’re giving millions more people across the UK the chance to enjoy all the world’s music at their fingertips, however they choose to listen to it," he claimed, "be that on their computer, mobile, and for the first time through their TV."

While Virgin Media refused to be pressed on a firm launch date, the company has revealed that existing customers will be the first to benefit from the partnership. Those customers who already pay for Spotify accounts won't have to sign up for a new account, either, and will still be able to take advantage of the discounts on offer.

Pricing, you may be surprised to hear, wasn't discussed during Virgin Media's announcement.

The partnership is Spotify's largest deal in the UK to date, and will go some way to help the company fight off the growing threat from rival streaming services. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.