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Twitter Account of PayPal UK Hacked

The official Twitter account belonging to PayPal UK has been hacked by a disgruntled customer, who has been using it to criticise the service.

The angry PayPal user, in a series of Tweets, complained that the company had frozen his accounts and also linked the account to an anti-PayPal website in order to embarrass the company. The identity of the hacker is not yet known.

The hackers linked the account to, a website started in 2000 that is against all things PayPal.

The online payments company confirmed the incident and said that it was looking into the hack. It said that it was only the Twitter account that was hacked and sensitive data like customer credit numbers had not been breached.

The company said in a emailed statement that it was become in control of the Twitter account and apologised for the incident. It also deleted the posts made by the hacker.

Recently, the Twitter account belonging to Fox News was also hacked by new hacker group called Script Kiddies, who used it to post fake news about US president Barack Obama’s death. The hacking is being investigated by the US Secret Service, responsible for protecting the president.