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£285 QNAP TS 210 Turbo 2TB NAS

The QNAP TS 210 Turbo is a sophisticated, new age Network Attached Storage (NAS) server component, particularly designed for meeting the requirements of small and medium business. Affordable, dipped in a blend of style and powerful performance - the device is certainly something you won’t regret spending a few bucks on.

It supports iSCSI, a widely known IP based standard storage of data. Not just that, it also acts as a rendering server for iPhone streaming.

The QNAP TS 210 brings along with it a wide range of advanced security features, but without compromising with the ease of use. It can boast of a very powerful configuration, at the centre of which lies the Marvell 6281 processor with 800 MHz clock speed. Add to that the 256 MB DDR II RAM with 16 MB Flash, and you find yourself equipped with truly one monster of a mini file storage server.

Total storage capacity stands at 2000 GB, whereas the number of hard drive installed is 2. While the size of the hard disk is barely 8.89 cm, it’s built on the Serial ATA II interface type.

The QNAP TS 210 Turbo 2TB NAS can be purchased from Amazon for £285.00 only.