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Does Apple Want Induction Charging For iPhone 5 Followup?

Apple may be actively looking into getting induction charging, one of the coolest means of charging an electronic device, for its iPhone 6 according to sources familiar with the matter.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the sixth generation iPhone, set to be released sometime in 2012, may come with some major changes.

"People briefed on Apple's plans said the company is planning a major iPhone revamp then, with one person saying the company has been experimenting with features such as a new way of charging the phone," the report said.

Wireless charging would enable Apple to stake the claim that it has produced the first popular totally wireless smartphone, one that is completely PC-free.

HP's Palm Pre was the first smartphone to come with an induction charging solution, the Touchstone, which back then was hailed as a genuine innovation that, interestingly, did not cost all that much to add.

Apple has already filed a number of patents over the past few years that looked at induction charging through "non-contact based platforms".

Indeed, a patent from the company last year described an iPad docking station with inductive coils, something that could be easily adapted to fit the iPhone.