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The Future Is Bright, But Not For RIM & BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s have been the cornerstone of the corporate phone for many years. At "The Future is Bright. The Future is Mobile?" Financial Services Forum last week, I put this theory to the test.

In the audience, 40 percent had an iPhone, 40 percent Android and 90 percent BlackBerry. Roughly half the people were using two smartphones, a pretty commonplace occurrence in business. However when asked if the BlackBerry owners had ever downloaded an app, none put their hands up.

BlackBerry’s may be the preferred device of IT department as they make it easy to lock down corporate information, but employees and even CEO’s favour app friendly devices.

These devices allow for a greater user experience, apps which can link into the corporate back-end to deliver real time information, collaboration, HR and location aware tools.

A lack of development enthusiasm for BlackBerry smartphones make them limited to email, which in my opinion is a little outdated in a world where consumers spend more time on apps and the teen population see email in the same vein as the postal service. While Android and iPhone continue to steal a march; IT departments need to catch up.