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Google adds public transport to its Maps

Internet search engine giant Google has brought out Google Maps 5.7 for Android, which brings with it public transport navigation options on mobiles and for the first time.

The ‘Transit Navigation’ beta feature works in over 400 cities around the world, from Bangkok to Baltimore with turn-by-turn directions for them all.

Google Maps 4.7 also delivers updated access to normal directions, a better range of suggested search results and a photo viewer for places being navigated to – for traveling to unfamiliar locations.

The new mapping app uses GPS to determine the current location along the planned public transport route, where alerts are given when it’s time to get off, or to make a transfer and all whilst running in the background, with vibrating alerts too.

The public transport options are currently available in the UK for the East Anglia trains, East Midlands trains, London overground trains, Scotland and the South East trains too.

Google’s mapping software for Android devices’ provides over 12 billion miles of GPs guided driving and walking directions each year, where this new transport feature just adds to its overall usefulness and especially when traveling abroad.

Check out the video below, that highlights Google Maps 4.7's feature set.

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