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Huawei Wants To Ship 20 Million Smartphones In 2011

Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei, has revealed plans to ship more than 20 million smartphones by the end of the year, according to an update provided by its chief strategy and marketing officer, Victor Xu.

Reuters' Xu Wan reports that Xu addressed reporters after a company event where he also confirmed that the company wants to ship a grand total of 175 million units of mobiles and other related products, although he failed to give more details about the break down.

Huawei had previously said that it would aim to ship between 12 and 15 million smartphones in 2011. That's nearly seven times the amount of smartphones the world's second largest infrastructure equipment provider shipped in the whole of 2010.

It didn't say how many of those were Huawei-branded and how many were branded by the networks themselves. As for its Ideos range, its lack of retailers in the UK means that it is not as popular as other tier-1 brands like Sony Ericsson or HTC.

20 million smartphones is still way behind what Nokia or Apple have been shipping. The Finnish manufacturer reported sales of 31 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2010 while Apple shipped 16 million iPhone handsets over the same period.