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Internal HP Memo Admits TouchPad is Faulty

Hewlett Packard’s newly launched webOS based TouchPad tablet PC device has not been able to get early rave reviews, owing to some faults in the OS.

The company, instead of denying the faults like tablet rivals, has acknowledged the reviews and asked its employees to work on fixing them, Pre Central reports.

In an internal memo sent to employees by Jon Rubenstein, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Palm Global Business Unit, the executive asked his employees not to be demotivated by the reviews and work on fixing the issues at hand.

Rubenstein said that some of the reviews had rightly pointed out the flaws that they needed to fix in webOS.

“The good news is that most of the issues they cite are already known to us and will be addressed in short order by over-the-air software and app catalog updates. We still have work to do to make webOS the platform we know it can be, but remember…’s a marathon, not a sprint,” he said.

Interestingly, Rubenstein cited rival Apple’s example to motivate the employees. He reminded them that when Mac OS X was launched over ten years ago, it had gotten the same reviews as webOS but it went on to ‘change the landscape of Silicon Valley’ anyways.