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Law Professors Oppose Protect IP Act, Say It is Internet Death Penalty

A group consisting of 90 law professors from across the US have raised their objection to the proposed Protect IP Act, which upon being enforced, could led to blocking of domains that allegedly promote digital piracy.

The Protect IP Law, which enjoys the backing of a number of prominent Hollywood studios as well as individuals, is now currently being considered by the Congress.

Apparently, the group of law professors, raised its unanimous voice through a letter, signed by the likes of Yochai Benkler and Larry Lessig, Glenn Reynolds and many more respected public figures. The letter was jointly authored by David Levine, David Post and Mark Lemley.

According to the group, the proposed law is a direct violation of the First Amendment in the constitution, and hence totally unacceptable.

“The Act would allow courts to order any Internet service to stop recognizing [a] site even on a temporary restraining order... issued the same day the complaint is filed," they write. Such a restraining order, which they describe as "the equivalent of an Internet death penalty," leaves scope for some serious legal and constitutional questions, according to the letter.