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Samsung Debuts $19.99 Capacitive Pen For Galaxy Tab & Tab 10.1

Samsung has introduced a super cheap conductive stylus for its Galaxy tablet duo, the Tab and the Tab 10.1; the accessory will be available for only $19.99 and should be compatible with other tablets as well.

The one that comes with the HTC Flyer costs $79.99 but is also a more capable one. Samsung says that the tablet stylus is designed to look like a "premium writing instrument", i.e. a posh pen.

The conductive tip of the stylus simulates a finger touch, tap or swipe "to provide a full touch screen environment without leaving a single fingerprint behind."

It doesn't say however how precise the touch feature is and whether for example varying the pressure on the stylus would alter the thickness of a paint stroke in a painting app.

Although the manufacturer hasn't disclosed the exact specifications of the phone, it is likely that it is complex enough to carry a $19.99 price tag.

Samsung has yet to confirm whether the the conductive stylus will be available in the UK and, if so, at what cost.