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University Of Nebraska Adopts Microsoft Office 365 Cloud, $250k Incentive

According to new reports, the University of Nebraska is going to replace its old IBM Lotus Notes email and calendering systems with the Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform.

Apparently, the move by the university is primarily driven by its need for greater flexibility, quest for newer and more efficient technology as well as operational savings.

In addition to that, Nebraska University will also be receiving a hefty $250,000 from the Windows maker in return for using its Office 365 services, under what has been called the Business Incentive Funds program.

"That funding will pay for some consulting and licenses to convert a large percentage of our users from Lotus Notes to Office 365," UNL officials said in a statement when asked about the move, InformationWeek (opens in new tab) reports.

"We will also use that funding to pay for a Microsoft Premier Support agreement covering email and Microsoft Office applications for the entire university," they added.

The university also made it clear that it is currently planning to move all the faculty members as well as the students to Office 365 within the next year or so. However, the University of Nebraska Medical Center is not going to be a part of the move to Office 365. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.