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US Government Labs Downed By Cyber Attack

Two government-funded laboratories in the US are investigating a sophisticated cyber attack on their networks, which has forced them to be shut down for a number of days.

The research labs that were targeted in the cyber attacks are the Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory, which conducts physics based research, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), which conducts research in information security and counter terrorism.

Both the labs said that no critical data was stolen during the cyber attacks and that they were investigating the incidents. The Battelle Memorial Institute, which manages the PNNL, was also targeted in the attacks.

The labs expect their services to be back online by the end of this week, after conducting a thorough investigation and strengthening their networks.

“We want to make sure full access is only fully restored once we know the cause has been determined and the appropriate security is in place to prevent another incident,” a spokesperson for PNNL told The Seattle Times.

The attacks, which are usually aimed at stealing critical information, are the latest in line in a string of cyber attacks on government institutions in the past few months.