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Web Developers In A Stir Over Internet Explorer 10's Lack Of Conditionals

Microsoft has outlined some changes to Internet Explorer 10 which are causing concern in the web development community according to thinq_ (opens in new tab)

Internet Explorer lead Tony Ross detailed some of the changes that are due in version 10, which will underpin the Windows 8 operating system across both ARM and x86 platforms.

"The Web is better when developers can use the same markup and same code across different browsers with the same results. The second platform preview of IE10 makes progress in this area by fully supporting the HTML5 parsing algorithm."

Which means that HTML5 content should operate the same in Internet Explorer 10 as it does in other browsers such as Firefox and Safari. but the good news comes at a cost: IE10 is set to remove support for conditional comments and XML data islands, as well as changing the behaviour of certain elements.

It's a gutsy move on Microsoft's part, and one that the web development community should be expecting: conditional comments have been deprecated for a while in favour of feature detection, but there are plenty of coders that have yet to make the shift required.