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3000 Companies Registering for Google Apps per Day

A Google top executive has revealed that over 3,000 companies all across the globe sign up to Google Apps every day.

According to Robert Whiteside, the chief of Google enterprise for Ireland, Benelux and UK, approximately three million businesses all around the world are using Google Apps, out of which one million belong to the EMEA region only.

"We have over 3,000 companies a day moving into the cloud...[and] the adoption of cloud is accelerating," Whiteside claimed as cited by PCWorld reports.

However, he also acknowledged that a majority of these organisations were, in fact, small and medium sized businesses. Also, it is obvious that not all of these three million organisations pay for the service.

While businesses comprising of up to 10 users can take advantage of the free version of Google Apps, known as the Standard Edition, those, with more than 10 users need to sign up for paid version of the product which costs £33 a year per user, or £3.30 per month if they opt for a monthly scheme.

Some of the big brands which Google can boast of having in its subscribers’ list include The Guardian, Telegraph, Jaguar Land Rover, Specsavers etc.