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£59.49 Samsung E60 6-inch eReader

The Samsung E60 6" eReader is a perfect solution for those who want to have an entire library consisting of hundreds of thousands of titles right at their fingertips. The product allows you to access over a million downloadable books, e-zines or newspapers from the house of Barnes & Noble.

Not just that, you can also transfer all your previously downloaded eBooks from your PC to the device quite at ease.

Its 6 inch display screen is large enough to facilitate you a pleasant reading experience. Also, Samsung has made some extra effort to make sure that the display goes soft on your eyes and you can continue reading for hours without tiring your eyes off. The viewing angle is 180 degree.

Also, the device is equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, meaning you can access the Web no matter where you are. The storage capacity is also enormous, and can accommodate up to 14,000 eBooks.

Other exciting features include a massive built-in dictionary, instant pen handwriting and many more.

Last but not the least, the E60 is not just about the amazing specs and features it is blessed with - the design is also pretty impressive. In addition to that, its compact design makes sure that you can carry the device wherever you go, and quiet at ease.

The Samsung E60 6" eReader can be purchased from eBay for an amount of £59.49 only.