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Amazon plans to make 1.2 million tablets in Q3

Amazon is planning to build 1.2 million tablet PCs in the third quarter of 2011, according to industry watchers in the Far East.

DigiTimes, the Taiwan-based component industry snoop which occasionally gets the scoop on the tech industry by ferreting around in the business of box builders and widget makers, has gazed into its crystal ball and come up with some numbers.

It says that up to 22 million prodable PCs will make it out of the factory gates between now and September based on what bits and bobs various companies are buying.

Apple is still very much top of the food chain hogging up to 15 million of the touch-screen panels on the market, but Amazon is making a showing in second place having placed orders for 1.2 million tablets carrying its logo.

Acer, Asustek, Samsung, HP and RIM will each account for up to 900,000 units of the total output, with Motorola pegged to produce 400,000 of its disappointing iPad rival Xoom and Dell trickling by with 250,000 Streak devices.

Apple is stilling selling the iPad 2 as fast as it can nail them together and demand is showing little sign of abating.

If these shipping figures do turn out to be anything close to accurate, there's still no guarantee that people will buy them because Apple is still the only tablet-maker out there which can pretty much say that an iPad shipped is an iPad sold.

And from what we've seen - and on evidence provided by underwhelming wannabes like the RIM PlayBook and Motorola Xoom - that's a situation which isn't likely to change any time soon.