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AMNews: Slim iPhone 5 Being Planned, iTunes App Store 15 Billion Downloads, Induction Charging iPhone 5 Successor

As September approaches, all sorts of wild speculations about how the iPhone 5 will look have emerged; apart from the claims that the company wants to ship 25 million units of the latest version by the end of the year, new rumours about Foxconn finding it hard to build the new iPhone have emerged. According to the Wall Street Journal, sources close to the manufacturing process are saying that Foxconn is currently unable to improve yield rates because the phone is "complicated and

Apple may be actively looking into getting induction charging, one of the coolest means of charging an electronic device, into its iPhone 6 according to sources familiar to the matter. The Wall Street Journal reports that the sixth generation iPhone, set to be released in 2012, may come with some major changes

A teardown analysis of HP's iPad 2 rival, the TouchPad, shows that the tablet carries a bill of material of $318 based on preliminary results from IHS iSuppli's Teardown Analysis Service. Most of the cost of manufacturing is borne by the display which accounts for well over a third of the total BoM of the tablet at $130.50 with the display - from LG - accounting for roughly half the bill and the touch screen mechanism accounting for the other half.

Apple’s iTunes App Store platform has breached the 15 Billion app downloads, a milestone that the company was happy to announce, amid competition from Android and the likes. The company said in a press release that its App Store had breached the 15 billion download marks by more than 200 Million iOS based devices the world over.

Telecom regulator Ofcom has announced that it is planning to include FM radio airwaves in the unlicensed usage of white space technology. The white space technology, which holds great potential in providing cost effective broadband services in rural areas as well as in assisting in the management of wireless data demand across the urban centres, however, has been focused to a great extent only on the white spaces amongst digital television channels.

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