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Apple Files for Gesture Based 'Physics Metaphors' File Transfer Patent

A new Apple patent filing, with the US Patent and Trademark office on Thursday highlights the company’s ambition of introducing an advanced “physics metaphors” under a multi touch environment, aimed at replacing the existing virtual desktop.

The new technology, if successfully deployed, will allow users to transfer files between their iOS devices with the use of “physical gestures”, which are very much similar to the real world physical actions.

The move could eventually make life easier for iOS users when it comes to transferring files from one Apple device to another. In fact it will be as easy as “pouring out a tall beverage on your phone”, CNET reports.

Experts are of the opinion that the new technology will play a big role in solving the interface issue with new-age applications for tablet PCs and Smartphones.

The filing by Apple reportedly claims that recently, some brand new Smartphone app have been seen discarding the desktop metaphor even in the absence of substitute for real world physical actions with the ability to deliver similar intuitive control.

The new technology is named "Intuitive, gesture-based communications with physics metaphors".