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Apple Stores gear up for OSX Lion unleashing

Apple retail staff are being told not to make plans on July 13th as they'll be working overnight to prepare retail stores for the launch of OSX Lion on July 14th.

According to 9 to 5 Mac sources, staff will be putting up new promotional material and doing training on the new operating system, but they won't be stocking any shelves.

OSX Lion, the first major refit of the Mac operating system for quite some time, is the first OSX iteration to only be available as a download from the Mac App Store.

Lion is supposed to take all of the best bits from Apple's mobile operating system iOS and add them to the grown-up version, meaning anyone without a multi-touch laptop or one of Apple's overpriced input devices will be missing out on many of the new bells and whistles.

There are also rumblings that any Mac without a Thunderbolt port - some low-end MacBooks, Mac Minis and desktop Mac Pros - will get a hardware refresh at the same time.

Keep an eye out for the traditional 'We'll be back soon' stickie on the Apple web site, and get back here on the 14th for news on all the new toys.