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Google Launching ITA Approved Travel Site

It is only a matter of few weeks till internet search giant Google comes up with its brand new online travel search offering, new reports claim.

According to the technology website TechCrunch, the California based search engine giant is working hard on the technologies it bagged with the acquisition of ITA, a leading airfare software company, in developing this new offering.

The new Google online travel search tool will allow users to carry out map based searches, meaning it will be of the similar nature as Kayak’s Explore feature.

The report by TechCrunch also claims that the new tool will enable customers to deploy filters for price, and destinations.

Question remains; how the search giant’s entry into the travel search market will affect the other existing businesses in the category. Keeping in mind how Google controls an overwhelming stake in the global search market, it won’t be unfair to assume that the company’s growing interest in the travel search domain will eventually prove to be another success.

The new offering will also enable users to take advantage of more specific and user friendly features such as knowing in real time the list of “cheap flights to London” etc.