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HP Lambasts Oracle's "Cheap Shot" In Itanium Conflict

In their ongoing dispute, Hewlett Packard has retaliated against a court filing by Oracle attacking HP for withholding details of a settlement from the public, in relation to a lawsuit over Oracle's discontinuation of support for Intel Itanium.

Oracle had filed papers accusing HP of trying to conceal important parts of the Itanium case regarding former HP CEO, and now Co-President of Oracle, Mark Hurd; as revealing them could allegedly harm the company's image, Mercury News reports.

Hurd had resigned from HP after being accused of sexual harassment by a contractor, a claim which he and the company denied.

Oracle says the computer maker is trying to hide the full terms of the settlement it made, following a suit HP filed claiming Hurd's new job at Oracle could prove harmful to HP's business. HP insists the agreement obliges Oracle to maintain support for Itanium, while the software company disputes this.

HP has refuted Oracle’s accusation and denounced the software company for taking a "cheap shot" and being "misleading and inflammatory". HP claims there is nothing in the petition that they want to hide from anyone.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. There is not a single word in HP's complaint that HP is not willing--indeed eager--to make public," HP’s lawyer said in a statement.