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IBM to Enhance Sensus Smart Grid Network Security

Sensus has partnered with International Business Machines to enhance the security on its FlexNet Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system.

Under the partnership, Sensus will not only add encryption and key management technologies from IBM in FlexNet AMI, it will also enhance the existing security capabilities of its network infrastructure.

The solutions being implemented by IBM will include NSA Suite B standards compliant cryptographic technology.

The company will be using IBM’s Tivoli(R) Key Lifecycle Manager (TKLM) software to bring encryption and key management technologies to FlexNet system, which is used for gas, electric and water endpoints.

IBM will be using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) to implement the encryption solution on FlexNet, which will also bring features like digital signatures and non-repudiation to the platform.

"Energy and utility providers are continually looking for ways to better maintain the stability and security of their existing systems so they can better service customers and maintain operational efficiency," said Doug Scheller, Global IUN Smart Metering Solution Leader, Energy and Utilities Industry, IBM.

"By working with Sensus, we are able to introduce technologies such as encryption and key management into the smart grid market, to ensure the communication between smart meters and utilities is reliable, secure and uninterrupted."

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