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Java Standard Edition 7 RC Unveiled by Oracle

Oracle has unveiled the first ever release candidate of the new version of Java Standard Edition.

The company is expecting to launch the final version of the product, named Java Standard Edition version 7, on July 28. With the lunch of the product, it will be the first ever major upgrade of the language in almost half-a-decade.

"We all know for various business and political reasons that this release has taken some time," Oracle chief Java architect Mark Rheinhold said in a webcast Thursday, PCWorld reports. Apparently, Mr. Rheinhold was referring to the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by the company in 2010.

“There are only thirteen changes in this build. Over half of them are administrivial updates that don’t affect the actual code; the remainder are true showstoppers, including several hard VM crashes and a JIT correctness bug identified by an Eclipse unit test”, he announced in a blog post.

Rheinhold also said that the new product will be more of an evolutionary offering from the company rather than being revolutionary. According to him, though there are significant improvements, none of them are really “earth-shattering”.