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Late News: Mozilla Fixes Firefox Memory Leak Issue, Intel Markets Ultrabook, Word Web App Collaboration

Mozilla has reportedly found a solution to the excessive memory usage its web browser Firefox has been suffering from for a few years. According to tech website The Inquirer, software developer company Mozilla has revealed that by running garbage collection more often it can reduce the memory consumption in its web browser Firefox.

Chip giant Intel is spending a lot of money on marketing its Ultrabook notebooks to PC makers, it has been revealed. Laptop vendors have told Digitimes that the company hopes that Ultrabook laptop devices will comprise 40 per cent of the notebook market by the end of 2012, something which could be possible with industry wide adoption.

The US Secret Service has launched an investigation into a project started by a Brooklyn based media artist for installing an app on Macs in two Apple Stores that randomly took pictures of customers and posted them online.

Kyle McDonald started a project called ‘People Staring at Computers’ in which he installed an app on Macs in two Apple Stores.

Sensus has partnered with International Business Machines to enhance the security on its FlexNet Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. Under the partnership, Sensus will not only add encryption and key management technologies from IBM in FlexNet AMI, it will also enhance the existing security capabilities of its network infrastructure.

Microsoft Corp. is now one stop closer to making what could eventually turn out to be a web based version of the massively popular Microsoft Word application for desktops. The company revealed on Thursday that users will now be able to co-author any document in the Office Web suit in case those happen to be stored in the Skydrive cloud storage system.