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Mac OS X Lion Release Alongside MacBook Air Refresh Next Week?

If sources are to be believed, Apple Inc is ready to release a refresh to its MacBook Air range as soon as next week. The company is also rumoured to be launching its new operating system along with it.

According to Business Insider, Apple is expected to release the updated line of its MacBook Air along with its latest operating system OS X Lion during this coming week.

“We’ve heard from a few overseas sources that Apple Retail stores are planning ‘overnights’ on July 13th. Overnights are generally where Apple refreshes store displays and trains up management on new products,” 9 to 5 Mac quoted.

Close sources have revealed that Apple Inc has asked to upgrade the RAM on some of its Mac laptops, which indicates a clear preparation to demonstrate the Lion OS to its staff and retailers ready for sales.

The reports seem to be true, as Apple Inc indicated Lion’s release might be in July at its Annual Worldwide Developers Conference held in June. Apple also revealed that the new OS, which will not be available on-discs, will cost $29.99.

Recently, a report put forward that Apple has asked its production plants to intensify MacBook Air production, as sales are estimated to reach as high as 1.5 million units for the quarter.