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Mozilla To Address Firefox Memory Usage Issue

Mozilla has reportedly found a solution to the excessive memory usage its web browser Firefox has been suffering from for a few years.

According to tech website The Inquirer, software developer company Mozilla has revealed that by running garbage collection more often it can reduce the memory consumption in its web browser Firefox. The problem has been reported with every update of the browser, but Mozilla hopes to make it as effective as possible in the near future.

The report suggests that the memory usage issue originates from the browser’s Java Sript engine, and the developers at Mozilla are looking forward to fixing it and optimising the memory of its flagship browser.

“Firefox allocates 1 Megabyte chunks for browser’s JavaScript heap. These chunks are returned once they are completely empty of data that is used by the browser. The only problem until now was that chunks contained elements from various processes,” the website revealed.

Currently, the company is running test drives on the browser, however, the final product is not expected to be released any time soon. If sources are to be believed, the fix may not be coming along until Firefox 7, as the beta product of its sixth version is expected to be launched to users in the near future.