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Overloaded With Emails in Gmail? Google Offers a Way Out!

Google Inc. is to offer its Gmail users a new tool which would enable users to sort their emails and tackle email overloading problem.

According to tech website Phandroid the Mountain View based leading search engine has announced a new design for the inbox of its email service Gmail in order to help users deal with email overload problem easily. The layout is expected to launch very soon.

“Over the coming weeks, we're rolling out several inbox styles to help you manage your mail. Once it’s turned on for your account, you can easily choose a style from the tabs at the top of your inbox.” read the Google blog post by Andrew Moedinger, a Software Engineer at Google.

The new tabs will be, Classic, the traditional lay out of the Gmail; Priority Inbox, unread and important emails are on top; Important Firsts, important emails at the top, both read and unread; Unread Firsts, and Starred Firsts, like the name suggests.

Once chosen, the tabs will stay on top for at least a week before moving down and merging with the existing labels in the inbox menu.

The feature is yet to be launched, and according to the blog, it can be out in a few weeks.