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Samsung Solid Immerse – tough phone review and testing

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Samsung Solid Immerse

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2.0 inch TFT 262k colour, IP67, torch, GSM, Tri-Band, FM Radio, 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB, Bluetooth, 1300 mAh Li-ion battery

Samsung has had a veritable history of tough mobile phones, which could surprise many as they don't really advertise this fact all that well. There has been a good series of arduous handsets around in the states for some time, with rough sounding names such as the Samsung Rugby. In the UK , Samsung's tough phones first began appearing in 2008.

That year bore the first of these mobiles, under the moniker of the Samsung Solid. This was a candy bar style of phone, which had an IP rating of 54 with the 5 meaning the mobile is protected against dust, but isn't dust tight and the 4 means it can withstand splashes of water. The Solid saw its way to both O2 and Orange networks, with a cost attached of £59.99 and on pay as you go price plans. 2009 saw the update to this model from Samsung, with the Solid Extreme. This version of the handset had its toughness raised to the IP level of 57 and was the same form factor the previous phone. The 7 meant the phone is actually water tight and can withstand being immersed into water, up to 1 metre and for the duration of 30 minutes.

There has been a gap in the past few years without a new Samsung Solid handset in the UK, where the latest model has only just arrived with the name Samsung Solid Immerse. This phone has the highest IP rating seen in one of their mobile phones, to date.

The Immerse tips up in a candy bar format with a 2-inch QVGA TFT display and an anti-scratch screen, with a 4H level of hardness and can withstand scratches from falling out of a pocket or from being damaged with keys. One Mobile Ring put the screen's toughness to the test, by trying to scratch the display with coins and keys, with some force too. We couldn’t leave a mark on the display, no matter how hard we tried.

Samsung's latest Solid handset runs from a simple version of Nokia's Symbian operating System, but still boasts access to the likes of email, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter from Java applets with a basic web browser too. The user interface to the mobile phone has a similar feel to other Samsung handsets, with the company's own TouchWiz overlay and easy to use familiar icons. There are some other features that just add to the mobile's outdoor abilities, such as a digital compass, a build-in torch and a lanyard clip.

The Solid Immerse has an IP rating of 67, the highest seen in any of their series of handsets. The phone has been tested to be entirely dust poof, where the 6 indicates such a factor along with the 7, which just backs up its water tightness.

We put the Samsung handset through the same tests as both the Motorola Defy and JCB Sitemaster tough phones, where we immersed the handsets in a water for 10 minutes and tested the mobile’s dust proof nature, in a glass full of fine sugar for the same duration and both whilst during a call.

Water Test
Sugar/Dust Test

The Solid Immerse survived both the water and dust test, without any damage on the mobile phone where the handset came away completely unscathed. The design of the case is made up from many individual plastic ridges and separated keys, which did house a lot of water after the first test. The liquid was a little difficult to remove and did actually take some time to completely eradicate, which could cause an issue in the long run and especially with saltwater if not removed.

One Mobile Ring believes the Samsung Sold Immerse is a good outdoor mobile phone, with a more of a professional look than others we have seen. The phone also has a large keypad which can be accurately used with gloves, where the handset could be ideal for a weekend walking in bad weather conditions and also on a building site with safety gloves.

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