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Talking Loudly On Mobile In Public Is Chief Grievance

A recent survey has revealed that Britons believe talking loudly on your mobile phone in public is the most irritating faux pas; however, the survey on mobile phone etiquette suggests the many of them commit the same crime.

According to British daily The Telegraph, in a survey titled, ‘mobile manners’ it has been revealed that 67 per cent of the total respondents from Europe find talking loudly on mobile phones in a public place to be the most annoying habit.

The survey which was conducted by chip maker Intel, surveyed nearly 12,000 people across the world to find out which mobile habit annoys the general public the most. Nearly 33 per cent of Britons have complained about someone using their mobile phone whilst on a date, and 11 per cent are annoyed by mobile use in the bedroom.

“from texting your friends whilst on a date to tweeting during your own wedding, societies and cultures haven’t quite sorted out how the devices will find a comfortable place in our lives. But it’s clear that some things will remain anti-social for generations to come.” stated Genevieve Bell, Director of Interaction and Experience Research at Intel.

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives and no longer exist only for making calls, and the current generation is still trying to figure out mobile phone etiquette.