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Verizon Now Carries 32% Of iPhone 4 Handsets In US

US wireless carrier Verizon has successfully captured almost a third of the iPhone 4 market in the US, a new study has revealed.

According to a market study conducted by Localytics, Verizon, despite being eight months behind rival AT&T in offering the iPhone 4, accounts for 32 per cent of the devices in the US right now.

The company said that Verizon’s iPhone 4 sales saw a significant rise in the summer, with Verizon seeing consecutive monthly jumps. The carrier added a 7 per cent market share in the months of May and June alone.

“One reason may be Verizon’s unlimited data plan, which they are scheduled to do away with on July 7th. AT&T officially discontinued its unlimited data plan in mid-2010, although existing customers were allowed to keep their plan as long as they remained AT&T customers,” the report read.

Early reports had stated that the launch of iPhone 4 on Verizon failed to meet the company’s expectations, but it managed to gain a considerable amount of market share despite the head start enjoyed by AT&T.

The study is a precursor of the things to come when Apple launches the next iteration of the iPhone this year; it is widely rumoured that the new handset might be available on a few other carriers also.