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Watson Super Computer To Replace Tele-Callers?

IBM is planning to turn its Watson super computer into a sales and customer support machine, it has been revealed.

The super computer made the headlines after beating two humans in the famous US game show Jeopardy! The company is also working on putting Watson in the field of medical diagnostics.

According to an article on ExtremeTech, IBM is essentially looking at a question answering system which can be put to use at all levels of business.

The super computer can be taught to easily answer some of the trickiest and product specific questions asked by consumers that even stump the best of employees.

The machine, which runs on IBM’s DeepQA software, takes in huge amounts of data and processes it to churn out facts, which can be used to assist humans. IBM claims that it was designed for that very purpose but it pretty much be programmed to work without human assistance.

However, one major factor that might delay the arrival of Watson into the telemarketing scene is its huge cost. The software alone is quite expensive and combine it with hardware, the cost of purchasing and setting it up go exceptionally high.