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World’s strongest phone holder arrives

Makers of tough cases for Apple products Exogear has brought out an arduous car mount kit for mobile devices, which will not drop the products being held or leave a messy mark behind.

The Exomount remedies the main problem found in lesser phone holders, the suction often sucks – where Exogear’s car mount is powerful enough to even lift a microwave.

Their patented suction mechanism can attach itself to almost any surface on a car, including dash boards, glass and even wood, metal, plastics and drywalls.

This is all possible from a low pressure vacuum that just needs a flick of a switch to be securely fixed in place, where no sticky residue is left behind and the removal is also easy too.

Exogear’s suction technology doesn't leave behind any windscreen marks, which often attracts criminals by alerting them the car does have a sat nav device - which is more times than not located in the glove compartment.

The product fits a wide range of mobile phones or tablets and not just Apple products either, where it actually supports anything and including a 5-inch screen.

The Exomount is available from the or for £21.99, as the world’s strongest and safest car mount device.

Check out the video below that highlights the toughness of the Exomount in action.

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