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YouTube Redesigned through Project Cosmic Panda

Google’s online video sharing offering YouTube has launched an experimental brand new design dubbed Project Panda.

According to a report by TechCrunch, the new design brings along with it significant changes to the overall look of the presentation of the playlists. The new renovated design, in some cases, has pushed the playlists from the sidebar where it was previously located, to a scrolling horizontal bar consisting of thumbnails right below the video in progress.

Also, the new video player comes in a slightly darker theme, which no doubt looks a bit more trendy. In addition to that, there is a dark background which highlights the content of the video being played quite remarkably.

The channel pages have also undergone quite a bit of renovation - they look far more attractive now than they ever did, before with bigger and wider images for the videos.

"We’re eager to hear your feedback as it’s a great chance for us to incorporate your ideas into future designs for YouTube," YouTube stated in a blog post.

“We'll be making changes to the experiment regularly, so check back to see if some of your suggestions have made it onto the site or to give us more feedback on the latest update," it added.