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Cheapo keyboard Case Converts iPad 2 Into Pseudo Macbook Air

From afar, it looks like a Macbook Air but come closer and the MIC Gadget aluminium keyboard buddy case shows its true self; a nifty little keyboard that converts your iPad 2 into an ultra portable device but without a proper touchpad.

The case is made from aluminium (Aircraft-grade with a "bead-blasted, anodized finish" says the website) and allows the user to type both in portrait and in landscape modes, making it ideal for those who want to use the iPad 2 but prefer a tactile typing experience. It also allows full access to all ports and controls, the company assures.

As expected, the keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to the iPad 2 tablet with a 510mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that should last several weeks without charging.

Unlike the docking station for the Asus Eee Pad transformer, this one doesn't add any other functionality (like HDMI & USB ports or act like a battery extender) to the iPad 2.

Note that the keyboard has a US layout (no UK or international keys), costs $49.90 and MIC Gadget will gladly ship it over here for a fee. The online shop doesn't seem to stock any keyboard docking station for other tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Motorola XOOM.