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iPad 2 Fuelling Growth Of Native iPad Apps

Apple announced yesterday that the number of native iPad Apps has surpassed 100,000, that's a 33-fold improvement over the number of applications available on the iPad when it was launched back in April 2010, roughly 15 months ago.

Developers worldwide added 47,000 iPad apps by December 2010 and doubled that by July 2011, a growth partly explained by the roaring success of the iPad 2 which was launched only in March 2011 and helped keep the momentum amongst the development community.

As a platform, the iPad has taken less time to reach the 100,000 app milestone compared to the iPhone, and now represents round 25 per cent of the total number of apps on the App Store which currently stands at "more than 425,000".

While the growth in the total number of apps in the App store is expected to slow (because there's only so many successful apps that one can launch), the pace at which native iPad apps are being launched is likely to stay at this level for another year or so before reaching parity with the iPhone platform.

Apple also announced that there are more than 200 million iOS devices worldwide, each having downloaded on average 75 apps and bringing around $12.50 each to developers since the online service was launched back in July 2008.