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Six-strikes scheme rears head in US

Big players in the US movie and music industries have persuaded a number of Internet Service Providers to sign up to a scheme designed to help nab suspected pirates.

The MPAA and RIAA-sponsored initiative seeks to institute a 'six-strikes' policy by which copyright police would send up to six warnings to apparent infringers before calling in the ISP.

ISPs may then start fiddling with the suspect's connection, throttling speeds or redirectng to a landing page until the matter is sorted out one way or another. The measures will stop short of disconnecting the user, the statement on the Center For Copyright Information (CFCI) web site said.

ISPs including AT&T, Cablevision Systems Corp., Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable, and Verizon have joined the initiative. They sill not assume responsibility for monitoring traffic under the terms of the scheme, but do agree to act after multiple copyright alerts have been sent.