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Acer Announces Two New Pico Projectors for the UK

Acer has announced that it will launch two new projectors by the end of July in the United Kingdom while sharing their details.

The Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan-based electronic manufacturer has introduced two new extremely light and compact projectors namely, C110 and C112, that are all set to launch in the UK market by late July, reports tech website T3.

According to the press release by Acer, The C110 Pico projector is supported by a USB cable and does not require power. The product is as light as 175gms, and is 110x85x25 mm in measurement. The C110 is available in display size from 30 cm to 254 cm. It also reveals that the LED bulb in the projector can work for 20,000 hours while it boots up in merely five seconds.

The C112 Pico projector when compared to the C110 is a little better bet. It is 220 gm heavy and 137×91.5mm in measurement. The projector is available in display screen size that varies from 38cm to 254cm. It offers high portability with at least two hours of battery backup.

Both the projectors offer WVGA (854×480) resolution and are priced at £199 and £229 respectively.