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Amazon Now Sells Refurbished Kindle For Under £80

Those looking for a more affordable Kindle tablet can now now get one directly from Amazon through its own warehousedeals brand which sells refurbished versions of the device.

These are factory refurbished which means that they have been reset and come in a factory sealed package; unlike its full price alternative, this one comes with a USB cable only but is covered by the same 30-day return policy and full warranty.

Users can opt for a refurbished version of either the Wi-Fi or the 3G Amazon-based tablets for £80 and £116 respectively, a saving of £31 and £36 compared to the price of buying them new.

The Kindle is currently the best selling item at Amazon and is one of the most popular ebook readers on the market. Compared to the last generation models, this one comes with a better battery life, a slimmer profile weighing only 247 grams and a new E Ink Pearl display which Amazon says improves contrast by 50 per cent.

Amazon has also provided users with thousands of free ebooks as part of its Kindle Popular Classics on top of those given away by the Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, ManyBooks and Open Library. The Wi-Fi version also provides users with an experiemental Webkit-based internet browser that allows them to browse the internet over Wi-Fi.