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Apple found Guilty of Downloadable Playlist Patent Infringement

iPad maker Apple has been found guilty of infringing two patents related to downloadable playlists.

The US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has asked Apple to pay $8 million in damages to Personal Audio for violating its two patents.

Personal Audio, which does not offer any product but makes a living by trolling, had filed the lawsuit back in 2009. The company had also gone after smaller companies like Archos, which had settled out of court.

The patent troll had wanted $84 million in damages from Apple, but ended up getting less than 10 percent of what it had asked for in the final ruling by the court.

According to an article on The Inquirer, the two patents are for ‘Audio program player including a dynamic program selection controller’ and ‘Audio program distribution and playback system’.

As The Inquirer notes, one of the patents were filed in 1996 and was awarded in 2001 while the second was filed in 2001 and awarded in 2006. It means that the technologies are older than the first iPod, which was launched in 2001.

Apple is tied up in a huge number of lawsuits including the ones with Kodak, HTC, Motorola and Samsung.