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Apple May Ask Pegatron To Build iPad 2 Followup

Apple may add one more OEM to Foxconn Electronics as it looks to diversify its partners as it prepares for life after the iPad 2.

According to Arron Lee and Steve Shen from Digitimes, either Quanta computer or Pegatron Technology could join Apple with the latter being the likeliest candidate due to its existing working relationship with Apple (it already manufactures the forthcoming iPhone 5).

Adding one more OEM means that Apple can reduce risks associated with the production of such products. Digitimes reckons that the explosion back in May 2011 that affected Apple's iPad 2 production was the main reason behind the company's decision to add a second contractor.

It is not known whether the new OEM will only build the iPad 3 (or as some name it, the iPad 2 plus) or if they will participate in the production of iPad 2 as well.

Sources in Taiwan have confirmed that shipments for the iPad are likely to hit a staggering 13 million units for the third quarter of the year.

The iPad 2 Plus is expected to be slimmer and lighter than the current iPad 2 model with an "upgraded display" and a release date somewhere between the end of the third quarter and next year.

Apple may have had to accelerate its pace because of the forthcoming new generation of Android tablets based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.