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Can't Afford An iPad 2? Argos Brings Back iPad v1

UK retailer argos has managed to get hold of a stock of first generation iPads for those looking to get a tablet but don't really want to break the bank to get the iDevice.

All six SKU's are in stock; the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, either in 3G or Wi-Fi costing £329, £369, £399, £429 and £499 respectively (opens in new tab), resulting in savings of around 20 per cent, that's up to £200 for the most expensive 64GB 3G model.

Argos didn't say whether this is a limited promotion, but given that it quotes collection instore as well as free home delivery within 48 hours means that it probably has enough stock to run for a while.

As a reminder, the only differences between the iPad and the iPad 2 are the processor, the rear and front camera, the extra system memory, the slimmer profile coupled with lower weight and a slightly lower pricing compared to the previous generation at launch.

While the iPad is a little bit underpowered (single core CPU, 256MB RAM), its build quality and unique partnership with iOS 4.3 still make it a great device. It's worth noting that, at £369, the iPad 16GB 3G is still the cheapest 3G capable large format tablet on the market.

The 3G Motorola XOOM costs £580 while the HTC Flyer and the LG Optimus Pad, which both have smaller screens, can be had from £600 and £750 respectively.

Désiré Athow

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