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CERN Unveils Open Hardware License (OHL)

CERN has unveiled the Open Hardware License (OHL) version 1.1 in order to bring up a legal framework for facilitating a platform, whereupon the electronic design community can exchange knowledge amongst themselves at ease.

The CERN OHL was brought into being with the view of keeping the procedure of governing the utilisation, distribution, modification, as well as copying of hardware design documentation fairly simple and effective. In addition to that, the framework also contributed significantly to the manufacturing and distribution of products.

Hardware design documentation usually comprises of circuits, schematic diagrams, circuit board layouts, designs, flow charts, mechanical drawings, descriptive texts and explanatory material.

"For us, the drive towards open hardware was largely motivated by well-intentioned envy of our colleagues who develop Linux device drivers," Javier Serrano, CERN engineer and Open Hardware Repository founder said in a press release.

"They are part of a very large community of designers who share their knowledge and time in order to come up with the best possible operating system,” he added.